About us

If there’s anything we like above all, it’s a good story. Big, small, simple or detailed; in the form of a book, song, movie or speech. Why not in the form of an object?

Anything counts if in the end the story is able to awaken our emotions and provoke some kind of reflection.

ISOL are Isabel and Olga, and  we want to tell this type of story about some of our favorite topics. We create objects with the goal of talking about art, design and ethics. For us it’s as important what we talk about as how we talk about it. This is why we produce everything with social and ecological sustainability in mind.

We are located in Barcelona, in the iconic Eixample neighborhood, in an old porcelain doll factory that is still one of the best kept secrets in the city.

The history of this space captivated us, which is why we invite everyone to get to know it, and us. Our door is always open.